This page includes some samples of the open-ended responses that were given in response to the following prompts:

Tell us about the languages in your life. / How does language relate to your identity? / Tell us about a language experience that you’ve had on campus. / Not everyone speaks English the same way. On a campus where people speak English differently, do you ever notice your individual way of speaking it? What effects does it have? / What do you wish our community knew about your language(s)? / What do you wonder about language diversity on campus? / What relationships do you see between your language(s) and on-campus spaces? / Is there any language-related change you would like to see on campus? / What do you love about your language(s)? / Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Language Identity

Language Use

Linguistic Discrimination

On-Campus Spaces

On English

On appropriation

“I’d be the first to joke about Minnesotan accents. Others do as well, but it’s never ever serious or pointed. Jokes can be real or offhand and these never go for the throat for me.”

“Sometimes it can be uncomfortable having others talk in a language you don’t understand. So I try not to speak anything other than English most of the time in public because it could be considered rude by some.”

“I feel like I kind of judge other Chinese speakers subconsciously based on their regional accent, when they are speaking Mandarin, especially the northern/northeastern accent.”

“While I like to use my native language, I generally dislike my dialect, due to the culture that it was bred from. ”