About the Project


Assaf Gamzou (curator of the Israeli Cartoon Museum) and Ken Koltun-Fromm (Professor of Religion at Haverford College) hosted the symposium Sacred Texts and Comics at Haverford College on May 5th and 6th, 2016 that brought together contributors to the co-edited volume, Sacred Texts and Comics: Reimagining Religion and Graphic Narratives. The symposium highlighted works-in-progress in which authors discussed their contributing papers to the volume in a collaborative environment designed to seek a more relational, cohesive, and integrative edited book. That public, collaborative discussion continues in this website hosted by Haverford College. Here we hope to engage a public interested in constructive commentary about notions of the sacred in complex religious traditions spanning multiple comic works. Such a public, critical discourse can produce a discursive text rather than a collection of individual essays, and draw upon a wider audience to create a live platform for comic studies.


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