Table of Contents

Sacred Texts and Comics: Reimagining Religion and Graphic Narratives

Introduction: Assaf Gamzou and Ken Koltun-Fromm, “Sacred Texts and Comics”

I. Seeing the Sacred in Comics

Assaf Gamzou, “Intersections of Sacred and Graphic Narratives: A Typology”
Leah Hochman, “The Ineffability of Form: Seeing the Sacred in Tina’s Mouth and The Rabbi’s Cat
A. David Lewis, “Transcendence through Panels with Intradiegetic Sacred Texts (ISTs) in Comic Books”
Ken Koltun-Fromm and Madeline Backus, “Writing the Sacred in Craig Thompson’s Habibi

II. Reimagining Sacred Texts through Comics

Karline McLain,Many Comic Book Ramayanas: Idealizing and Opposing Rama as the Righteous God-King”
Susan Handelman, “‘And They Saw the Voices’: The Hebrew Alphabet as Graphic Narrative”
Elizabeth Rae Coody, “The Ending of Mark as a Page Turn Reveal”
Ranen Omer-Sherman,Subversions of 1 Samuel’s Messianic Will in Gauld’s Goliath

III. Transfigured Comic Selves, Monsters, and the Body

Samantha Baskind, “Joe Kubert’s Yossel: Faith, and Art History’s Precedents”
Scott S. Eliott, “Transrendering Biblical Bodies: Sex and Gender in Bible Comics”
Jeffrey L. Richey, “‘Honor the Power Within’: Daoist Wizards, Popular Culture, and Contemporary Japan’s Spiritual Crisis”
Samantha Langsdale, “The Dark Phoenix as ‘Promising Monster’: An Interdisciplinary Approach
to Teaching Marvel’s X-Men”
Matthew S. Haar Farris, “Esoterica, the Paranormal, and Superhumanity: Comics as Secular Sacred Mythology”

IV. The Everyday Sacred in Comics

Ofra Amihay, “Divine Absence and Urban Revelation in the Imagetext Works of Paul Madonna”
Shiamin Kwa, “The Common Place: Walking and the Sacred in the Work of Kevin Huizenga”
Joshua Plencner, “Affect, Comics, and Making the Ordinary Sacred”
Leonard Kaplan, “The Everyday Sacred in Will Eisner’s Work”

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