About the Authors

Authors of the book were students from Haverford and Bryn Mawr college enrolled in Introductory Psychology at Haverford College during the fall of 2015.

Jordan Acker – Statistical Insignificance

Tosin Alliyu – Cultural Cognition

Clayre Attisani – Surveys and Loaded Questions

Opal Bednarik – The Scientific Method

Jack Brower – Motives for Scientific Studies

Maire Clayton – Retraction

Carol Lee Diallo – Cherry Picking Data

Ben Frost – Blind Testing

Allie Gibbons – Expert Opinion/Appeal to Authority

Shucheng GuoStandards of Scientific Publication

Jharna Jahnavi – Science Journalism – Sensationalized headlines

Elana Kates – Fair Sampling

Theresa La – WEIRD Populations/Unrepresentative Sampling

Xueting Ni – Overgeneralization of Results

Isabel Plakas – Replication/Reproducibility

Diane Previlon – Scientific Proof

Stephany Prodromos – Reductionism

Brittany Robinson – Politics of Prestige

Liana Shallenberg – Confirmation Bias

Maryanna Solecki – Inferencing

Max Sonin – Plagiarism and Data Manipulation

Ian Steller – Religion and Science

Madison Sultan – False Causality

Brandon Valentin – Epistemology

Ali Weiner – Publication Bias

Faith Wilcox – Political Motivations for Funding

Henry Woods – Scientific Consensus

Xianghan Zhu – Experimental Control