Eckert and Mauchly

There are slides devoted to this topic: Lecture 7c, pp. 9-12.


The Computer History Museum’s page on “The Minds Behind ENIAC,” which  includes videos on the machine and each of the minds behind it, is a good starting point.

Learn more about Mauchly by reading St. Andrews University’s biography of John W. Mauchly.

Then read about the other founder of the ENIAC in a biography of J. Presper Eckert, also hosted by St. Andrews.

Afterwards, check out a text and image collection of Eckert compiled by a family friend.

Hankering for some words from the men themselves? Then take a look at the transcript of a 1977 interview with Eckert, taken by Sperry-Univac, which focuses on the personal, patent and legal arguments around ENIAC and EDVAC. Or fast forward a few years to read a 1988 interview of Eckert by the Smithsonian Museum – this one focuses on the technical aspects of ENIAC and EDVAC.

Read a comprehensive 1973 oral history transcript of Mauchly, also by the Smithsonian.

This newly transcribed, “lost” interview with Eckert – taken by a family friend – shoots down many of the myths around ENIAC.


Computer: A History of the Information Machine, Martin Campbell-Kelly and William Aspray, 74-76