Integrated Circuit

There are slides devoted to this topic: Lecture 10a, pp. 13-17.


For a quick overview of integrated circuit and those who contributed to its development, read “The Integrated Circuit” article on the Computing History Museum site.

If you’d like to read a more thorough history of the integrated circuit, as developed by Drummer, Kilby and Noyce, check out “The Integrated Circuit of Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce,” from the History of Computing site.


This 1969 film on ICs was made by Fairchild Semiconductor. It explains the uses, invention, manufacturing, and future development of the Integrated Circuit. This 30-minute film is clearly a promotional tool – it’s even sometimes interrupted by ‘commercials’ for the circuits being discussed.


Read State of the Art: A Photographic History of the Integrated Circuit, written by Stan Augarten.  The 72-page book provides a comprehensive introduction to the history, structure, and function of the IC, followed by detailed and illustrated explanations of the major developments in the IC industry.

Freed, Les, The History of Computers, “Electronic Building Blocks,” 87-89