MITS and the Altair 8800

There are slides devoted to this topic: Lecture 0, pp. 58-59, Lecture 10a, p. 23, Lecture 12a pp. 19-20.


Read “The Altair 8800 of Ed Roberts” on History of Computers to learn about how this low-cost computer kit was designed and marketed – and how it changed the course of the computer industry.

Want the straight facts on the Altair? Check out this page on the Altair, which “put[s] the Altair in the proper perspective” with bullet-pointed lists and a timeline.

Experience the allure of the Altair for yourself – read the 1975 Popular Electronics article that publicized the computer.

Other Media

Try out the Altair at this website for the Altair32 emulator. The site also includes a historical article.


Campbell-Kelly and Aspray, Computer: A History of the Information Machine, 213-217