There are slides devoted to this topic: Lecture 12b, pp. 38-46.


Read “History of the IBM Personal Computers” article from Compute Magazine for a concise introduction to the development and significance of the IBM PC.

Take a trip to the Computer History Museum for information on the IBM PC and on the many resulting PC Clones. Retro advertisements included!

Visit the “IBM PC Model 5150” article from the History of Computers site to learn more about the make and marketing of this PC.

Check out IBM’s Ancestors of the IBM Personal Computer exhibit to learn about the computers that preceded the PC. Then link to The IBM PC’s Debut reference room to read a comprehensive history of the  PC itself, a press release, photo gallery, and more!

Learn what Bill Gates has to think about the IBM PC circa 2001, as “Gates talks” about his role in the PC’s development with the US News and World Report.


Watch this 1981 IBM Marketing Video for the PC, which explains its features and how competitive it is with similar computers already on the market.


Haigh, Thomas, “The IBM PC: From Beige Box to Industry Standard,” available via ILL


Campbell-Kelly and Aspray, Computer: A History of the Information Machine, 225-229

Freed, Less, The History of Computers, 109-113