Jobs, Woz, and Apple Computers

There are slides devoted to this topic: Lecture 12b, pp. 14-25, pp. 33-37, pp. 55-59.


For information on Apple:

The Apple Museum site is devoted to providing information on the Apple computers and products. The site includes articles, timelines, and photo galleries.

For a more detailed timeline, check out The Mac Mothership‘s Corporate Timeline from 1976 – 1995.

Afterwards, check out a more up-to-date graphical timeline from Apple Gazette

For information on Woz (Steve Wozniak):

Check out Steve Wozniak’s personal website, The site includes includes links to outside information on Apple, biographies and interviews on Woz, and more!

For a solid biography of Woz, read a biographical article by Manish Srivastava.

And finally, for information on Steve Jobs:

The site All About Steve Jobs is a comprehensive resource on Jobs’ life and accomplishments, complete with quotes, a biography, videos and photographs.

Read the transcript from the 1995 Smithsonian Institution interview with Jobs. Jobs covers education, Apple, NeXT, the Internet, Pixar, and his plans for the future.


On Apple:

WatchMojo’s “The History of Apple and Steve Jobs: the Home Computer to the iPod, iPhone and iPad” is a fast-paced, six-minute overview of the history of the company.

On Jobs:

Steve Jobs discusses  “How to Live Before Your Die” in this 15-minute commencement address to Stanford University graduates. In it, he summarizes the lessons he learned over the course of his life. While not necessarily a useful historical resource, it is a fascinating look at the man behind Apple Computer.

Watch Walter Isaacson, the authorized biographer of Steve Jobs, give a fifty-three minute rundown of Jobs’ life and legacy. Starting from around the founding of Apple, it moves roughly chronologically through his life, ending with his battle with cancer and a discussion of Jobs’ impact on the world.

Steve Wozniak sums up his relationship and admiration for Jobs in this video, shot just after Jobs’ death.

This vintage video, shot in 1980, features a young Steve Jobs sharing anecdotes from the beginning of the Apple phenomenon, the history of Apple, and his revealing vision of the future of computing. 

On Woz:

Check out Steve Wozniak talking about his life and work in this ninety-minute video. He discusses his early life and his nerdy pranks as a middle and high school student. He discusses his college career, meeting Steve Jobs, and founding Apple Computer. He covers the design decisions and work he did extensively, finishing at the Apple III.  

In this five-minute video, Steve Wozniak discusses his motivations for building the Apple I, the financing of the Apple I, and the Homebrew Computing Club.


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