Roman Numerals

There are slides devoted to this topic: Lecture 1, pp. 18-23.

There is a lab devoted to this topic.


Visit the “Roman Numerals” page on Wolfram Alpha for a short, clear guide to this numerical system and its uses.

Wondering how the Roman Numeral system developed? Read a “Brief History of Roman Numerals” to learn about the evolution of the lettered numerals.

Other Media

Use the Roman Numeral Converter to change Hindu-Arabic numbers into Roman Numerals, and vice versa.

Or, if you’d rather be a little more challenged by the conversion process, visit the Roman Numerals Calculator, which provides a breakdown of the Roman numerals and their values.

If you’re feeling particularly brave, venture to the Roman Matching Game, which will test your wits and speed as you rush against the clock to match Roman and Hindu-Arabic numerals.