IBM Wins the Industry

There are slides devoted to this topic: Lecture 6b, pp. 51-54, Lecture 9, pp. 45-47.


The Rise and Fall of UNIVAC” page on the Computer History Museum site very briefly discusses how UNIVAC fell to IBM. Also included are pictures of UNIVAC company paraphernalia.


The IBM 1401 was one of the first all-transistorized business computers. This video from the Computer History Museum was made on the occasion of its 50th anniversary; it’s over two hours long, and features speakers from IBM, a video compilation of interviews with those who worked on the 1401, and more!

IBM 7030 STRETCH was an advanced computer built in 1961. It was the first transistorized supercomputer, and for four years was the most powerful computer in the world. Watch “IBM STRETCH – A Technology Link Between Yesterday and Tomorrow.” The ten-minute video describes the advances of the computer, the uses to which it was put, and features interviews with those who used it. It focuses on the last STRETCH in use, which was shut down in the 1970s at Brigham Young University. Despite the amount of footage of spacecraft used in the film, there is no discussion of the space race.

Check out “Man & Computer,” a 1965 film from IBM Great Britain. The informational video explores computer programming, binary code, and the uses and future of computers. A group of five people around a desk serve as a dramatic demonstration of a computer following a computer program.