Enigma Machine


Visit the Crypto Museum’s  “Enigma Cipher Machine” page, which goes into great detail regarding the commercial manufacture of enigma machines. It also includes a list of Enigma Machine simulators, a thorough explanation of how enigma machines operate, and a family tree of enigma machines.

Learn more about the enigma machine on the Cipher Machines and Cryptology website’s Enigma Page. You can – among other things – read a historical overview of the machine, discover its inner workings, and read stories of its involvement in the U-Boat battle.

For another resource about decrypting the Enigma Machine, visit “The Enigma and the Bombe” page, which provides clear information about both these German and Allied machines. Also included on this page is a great resource titled The History of Hut 8, written by A. P. Mahon about the Turing-led team at Bletchley Park that broke the code.


Watch The Enigma Secret, a 45-minute BBC documentary about Bletchley Park’s role in breaking the Enigma Machine.

Other Media

Try to crack the code – test out a simulator of the Enigma Machine for yourself!