Apple II


Visit the Computer History Museum‘s “Apple II” page for an overview of this revolutionary personal computer. Then turn to “Computers for Everybody” to learn about the Apple II’s predecessors and competitors.

Read a more detailed history of the Apple II and its creator, Steve Wozniak, on the History of Computers site.

If these articles have piqued your interest, you might want to take a look at Apple II,” a very lengthy article written by Steven Weyhrich. The piece, which was written in 1991, offers a well-researched look behind-the-scenes at the beloved Apple II, from the computer’s history to its technical specifications, later models, and software. Weyhrich’s language is informal and engaging.


Watch Steve Wozniak – circa 1984 – walk through the Apple II’s history.

These Apple II computer commercials are pretty neat – scroll down and look on the left-hand column to find the videos. Check out the one set to a re-written version of “Teach Your Children Well” by Simon and Garfunkel, or watch this music video, “Apple II Forever.” 

Other Media

Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs talk about the Apple II in this 10-minute slideshow.


Freed, Les, The History of Computers, “The Apple I and II,” 102-103